Monday, 7 January 2013

Finish it Friday

It is now Monday and I still haven't finished the Bento Box quilt, it is starting to wear me down. Why do quilts do this to you, at the start you are full of ideas and energy and can't wait to get started. Near the end, you can see it all coming together and you work hard to see the final quilt complete. But the middle, this is the hardest part, it seems just endless. I find that I start to calculate how long each block takes, and then I work out how many extra blocks I need, it starts to get depressing then.

The other problem is that I get ideas for the next quilt coming into my mind, so I want to get started on that....I have to be strong, I have to finish this one first.

Actually it is not too hard, only 6 more bento box blocks, and then a double border. Yay!

***Update, this quilt is now ready to be quilted. I am going to find someone to do this for me.

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