Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New Fabrics

A lovely parcel arrived from the courier today. My stash builder pack from Pink Castle Fabrics. It is lucky that I get the parcels at all as the courier driver is terrified of the dog. As he rings the doorbell, our fat old golden labrador takes on a much younger and meaner persona, by barking in a deep angry bark and frightens the life out of Manu the Pakistani driver. He hurls the parcel at the front porch and then takes off back to his van as fast as he can. We have tried to tell him that the dog is 90 in dog years, and a complete pussy, but it makes no difference.
Anyway I got my parcel, it was full of lovely aqua fabrics. I only just joined this group, and seem to have an obsession with this blue green colour as my stash collection is at least 1/4 of this colour.
I have a queen quilt on the go for my bed, but I keep thinking of other things to make as well. 

That is the affliction of a compulsive quilter.


  1. Hi Hayley, you lefty a comment on my blog re Tula Pink, no email to reply to but tracked your blog down. Yes I have done them from the book,The Tula Pink City Sampler 100 modern quilt blocks it is wonderful as most of the blocks are her own idea so have not been seen elsewhere, will be following you now on your blog.

    1. Thanks Margaret, my quilting gets put aside during term time as I get busy as Principal of a big school. But I'll have to do better!

  2. Thank you so much for picking my card as one your winners from the teddies challenge, it is such an honour.
    Thank you for all your hard work in making the challenge so successful, it's a shame that the challenge is ending but I can totally understand your reasons and wish you all the best.
    Sue xx