Saturday, 14 September 2013

Orange Lemon and Lime Progress

I have now pieced all the drunkards path squares for the quilt. Each drunkard path square is 8 1/2. inches, then 4 of these are sewn together to form a big circle, 17 inches square.

The quilt is 5 x 5 big circles, making it big enough for a queen bed. Because it is this big, I. Have chosen to quilt the squares as I go. This means I cut a piece of backing, a bit bigger say 1/2 inch larger than the 17 inch square. I cut some batting the same size. Then I pin the sandwich together.

This size piece is really easy to quilt on the machine, as you don't have to manipulate the whole quilt around the machine.  I have chosen a simple spiral, starting in the centre. I use the darning foot, with the stitch length turned to 0. I have to change the tension to make the stitches correct. It isn't perfect, but I am getting better.

After this is done, I get two squares, trim the wadding, pin them together, and stitch just through the top layer and the wadding.

On the back I hand stitch the backing together.  Easy peasy.

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