Hmm, I really like quilting, but have to pace myself, otherwise it takes over my life. I'm a teacher and during the term time I am very busy so don't get to do much quilting. Term time here is different to the US.  We start our school year at the beginning of February, Finishing in December. Our summer vacation is for 5 weeks at Christmas time.

I teach at a senior high school, with computing as my main subject. For the last few years I have taught Software Design and Development, a programming course. Next year I'll be teaching IPT, which is a more general projects based course.  Originally I was a Science teacher, as my first degree was in science, but after I completed my masters in Education in computing I switched to more computing based subjects.

For the last term I have been Principal, with 650 wonderful 16- 18 year olds in my care. It keeps me busy!

I nearly always have a couple of projects on the go at once. I think that is because I am worried I am not going to get around to all the projects that I want to do, so I just start a new one when I get the urge.

I love the beginning of a project best of all, all the planning and the maths ( that's what we say in Australia, not math), and the selection of colours and fabrics. I like the start of the quilting process, and the binding, to see how it finally works out.

I hate the middle part of the quilt making process, it is not fun, and I have to make a real effort to get projects finished. I often make lists of how many squares I have left to make.

My preference is for modern quilting, lots of bright colours that add zing to traditional designs. I love to take an old design and re-envigorate it it with brights and greys, often set against white.

My dog, an aging golden labrador loves to quilt too. He is often found by my side, so that i trip over him between the few steps to the ironing board or the cutting table. My cat helps by testing out all stages of quilt making by lying on the fabric, the table,  the quilt, or playing with pins etc.

I live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Ausrtralia, a fabulous place to live. I overlook the ocean and can sometimes see whales from my balcony. You can see the sea in the background when you check out the photo of the courthouse steps quilt.

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