Sunday, July 21, 2013

Modern Courthouse Steps Block

I have just finished the Modern Courthouse Steps Baby quilt. It was really fun and easy to make and it used up lots of scraps. I have hung it over my balcony, in the background you may be lucky enough  to see whales blowing! Check out the tutorials page for how to make this!

I think the orange block is my favourite.

The green is pretty funky too.

I like the spotty binding, I think the black sets the colours off.

The quilting was just straight lines about 2 1/2" apart.

I added some scrappy bits at the back to make the backing fabric wider.

Quick Scrappy Card

I'm off to a baby shower today, and forgot to buy a card. Well to be truthful, I object to paying $5 for a card that is massed produced. I will show you the card that I have made.
It took 5 minutes to make and complements the quilt that I have made for the baby nicely. You could even match the fabrics from the quilts on the card.
The original cut out butterflies card blanks I bought at Spotlight. They were about $4 for a pack.
It was so simple to make. I think the stripy fabric works well.

You can see how I have put the fabric on the back, just with a piece of sticky tape. I lined up the stripes with the butterflies.
Finished card! Now off to the shower! I will save giving Baby X the quilt until it is born.